Elevate Your Brand.

Look as Good as You Are.

Simple & Personal Marketing Solutions for Small Businesses

Simple & Personal Marketing Solutions for Small Businesses & Non-Profits

This Is

I started Paraclete with one goal: I wanted to come alongside small businesses & nonprofits to provide simple & personal solutions for their marketing & branding needs. When you work with Paraclete, I work with you. No ‘marketing bloatware.’ No impersonal agency or corporate bureaucracy. That’s the Paraclete difference. Request a callback today!

Mark E. Joubert

Owner, Paraclete Small Business Solutions

The Reports Are In

Marketing & Branding Makes a Big Difference

Marketing and branding aren’t just for big business. Your small business needs a digital presence and your credibility in the marketplace is tied to the quality of your branding. Skimping here will hurt your bottom line. Marketing and branding are important investments.

You could be the best in your area at what you do, but if you don’t have a website (or your website is poorly designed) and your logo doesn’t project the quality of your business, it could be turning away new customers. We can change that!

of consumers use the internet to discover or find local businesses.
of consumers avoid a business with a logo they find odd, ugly, or unappealing.
of consumers decide on the credibility of a website based on its visual appeal.

Paraclete Solutions

Three Simple Reasons to Work with Paraclete:

We offer simple and personal solutions for real needs in the marketplace. We know our approach isn’t for everyone – but it could be exactly what your small business needs. Here are three simple reasons to consider working with Paraclete:

  • 1. You need a digital presence. We can help you establish (or improve) yours.

  • 2. You need to look your best in the marketplace. We can elevate your brand.
  • 3. You need simple & personal solutions. We offer simple & personal solutions.

Elevate Your Brand.

Look as Good as You Are.

Simple & Personal Marketing Solutions for Small Businesses & Non-Profits

Simple & Personal Marketing Solutions for Small Businesses & Non-Profits

#1. You Need a Digital Presence

We can help you establish one.

Whether we like it or not, establishing a digital presence has never been more important for small businesses and nonprofit organizations. More people are shopping online and on their phones. 99% of consumers go online to discover local businesses. Are they discovering your business?

If you want to connect with potential clients & patrons, you need to get in front of an increasingly digital (and mobile) audience. Word of mouth is invaluable, but it’s simply not enough in this digital age – especially for startups. We can help you go digital (or improve your current digital presence)!

#2. You Need to Look Your Best in the Marketplace.

We can Elevate your brand.

First impressions matter. On average, a consumer forms an initial impression of a brand within 3 to 7 seconds of exposure. In some cases, a poorly designed website could be worse than no website. A logo says a lot about a business. Does your logo say what you want it to? You care about the details of your work – you should care about the details of your branding too!

You could be the best in your industry but if your branding is lackluster, you could be losing clients to bad impressions. Our goal is to make you look good in the marketplace so you can keep doing what you’re good at.

#3. You Need Simple & Personal Solutions.

We Offer Simple & Personal Solutions.

Have you ever been overwhelmed by marketing? Have you ever been confused by the glut of conflicting strategies out there? Some marketing agencies spend more time selling their ideas than offering solutions – and their clients don’t even know what they’re paying for or who they are working with.

You don’t have time for that. You don’t need marketing bloatware. You need to get out of the ‘office’ and get back to doing what you’re good at. You need someone to take care of your website and make you look good in the marketplace. When you work with us you get simple and personal solutions.

Our Services

Simple, Time-Tested Basics. Here’s What We Offer:

Consulting Services

Starting a new business? Looking to improve your outreach? Let’s talk about your goals.

Web Design & Hosting

You need a website. Your website needs to be maintained. We provide both services.

Branding (Logo Design)

Having a solid brand helps legitimize your business. We’ll make you look as good as you are.

Graphic Designing

Business cards, t-shirts, etc. We can help you bring your brand to life by putting it in action.

The design that fit perfectly!

I gave Mark very little to go off of for what I wanted as a logo for my business. Within a few days, he delivered several options and the design that fit perfectly! Thank you, Mark.

Jeremy G.

Done well and done timely!

Whether you represent an established church, ministry, a new endeavor, or a special event, know that Paraclete has what is necessary to get the job done, done well, and done timely. Thank you!

Julie M.

Never looked better!

Paraclete redesigned the website and brochures for our camp. The brochures are a pleasure to view and the website is easy to navigate. Our marketing materials have never looked better.

Jesse M.